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Playing the latest version, the game is amazing! Great attention to detail, history and improvement!
Cannot wait to see more and more!

Thanks a lot! We are working non stop atm to improve the gameplay. It doesn't feel exactly as we want right now. More to come soon!! Thanks!!

Hey, I was just wondering if there was a ps4 or macOS way to try this game out?

Hello there!! We will release the game on PS4 initially, and 3 months later to PC. But this demo will only be available for PC for the time being :( 

There is no date for a macOS version, though. We lack the manpower to do least for now. Really, really sorry!!

This has lots of potential. The visuals definitely make it stand out, looking forward to seeing more. 

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Thanks a lot for your video!! I've contacted you via twitter, but forgot to check it here ;)))

i cant play

Sorry to hear that. What error does it say? It won't open, or it plays slowly? Let me try downloading and playing it to check


its because my laptop has chrome os

Great game! With a little more polish this game would be really lit! Keep up the good work.

Thanks!! We know there is a lot to improve, but we are just getting started. We'll be updating the game weekly for months, so don't forget to come back in a while to see the improvements :)

great jobs ..hope play console

Hello there! Yes, the first version will be on PS4, and three months later, we will release it on PC :) Expect it by the end of 2020 or early 2021. We have just started!! There is A LOT more to do :)

:D i know this game have long working...hope i goal finaly :D